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Data is delayed and Stats are based on price points from the 2nd trading day for setups that are not posted today.
S.No +/- Alert
posted On
Peak (or) Day1Mid
Peak Profit %
Alerted to
Peak (or) Day1Mid
to Peak
since alerted
P/L %
40% dip to peak
P/L %
70% dip to peak
P/L %
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1More 11/13/20 12:12 PM
SPYNov-27 352.5 Puts  (exp)
{HighRisk} Dip 40% for 27607 Nov-27 352.5 Puts 
Swing Algo
$2.16 to $3.09
in 3 days
$1.08 to $1.44
in 61 Mins
$3.60 to $0.01
in 14 days
2More 11/13/20 10:45 AM
SPYNov-16 357 Calls  (exp)
Scalp Algo
$1.37$5.21280.29% in 3 daysNever Dipped 40%
Since Posted
Never Dipped 70%
Since Posted
$1.37 to $4.50
in 3 days

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