1.)  What are sFolios?
sFolios are model trading journals where both entry and exits are posted by the algo. The sole purpose of sFolio is to demonstrate the risk management using position size and money management. The entries posted in these model journals are not individualized trading advice. They are posted automatically by the algo when certain parameters are met. The parameters could vary based on the underlying trading system defined for the journal.

2.)  Do entries and exits posted in sFolio journals factor news and earnings?
No. They don't. They are based on sleekoptions propreitary algo. They don't factor earnings or any other news or fundamentals.

3.)  Can I follow any sFolio?
Yes. Click on the 'Follow' link under the Journal of your choice. But each sFolio Batch is limited to a number of followers. The batch is locked as soon as the journal reaches the maximum allowed or when the 1st trade is posted for the batch by the algo.

4.)  Are sFolio Journal Batches free to follow?
Currently they are in beta and available only for Plan A and Plan B Subscribers. Once we are out of beta mode, sFolios are available only for Plan C Subscribers. However, any one can view the trades posted in closed sFolio Journals.

5.)  When is a sFolio closed?
Every sFolio Journal batch is automatically closed by the algo based on the goal configured for the underlying trading system. For example, all sFolios batches that follows the 'DragonFly' trading system will be closed as soon as two rounds of ProfitCycle is completed regardless of the closing balance of the journal.

6.)  Do all sFolio batches results in a profit?
No. Some may end up in a loss. sFolio batch is closed as soon as the trading system goal is achieved. For example, if the trading system goal is 10 trades. Regardless of whether the batch is in a profit or not, as soon as all the 10 trades are closed, the sFolio batch will be automatically closed.

7.)  Are the entries and exits posted in Ryver Chat Room?
Yes. A seperate team room is created in Ryver chat for each batch. If you are a follower of the batch, you will be automatically added to those rooms.

8.)  I was following a sFolio and UnFollowed. Now I want to follow that batch again, but I can't?
A batch is locked as soon it reaches the maximum number of followers allowed for that batch or when the first trade is posted by the algo. Even if you were a follower before, once the batch is locked you can only view closed positions of the batch.

9.)  How do I know when a new sFolio batch is created?
Algo creates batches automatically and when a new batch is created all the members are notified in Ryver Chat Room.

10.)  Can I follow any number of sFolio batches?
Since we are beta, currently a user can follow only 3 sFolio batches. As soon as Plan-C subscription is activated, Plan-C subscribers can follow upto 5 sFolio batches.

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