Alert Posted on: 3/14/23 11:44 AM  9E207
Buy to open $ENPH  Mar-17 220 Calls at $3.00 per contract  Primary  

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This is not a trading alert or a recommendation to buy/sell.

The high the options went after the setup was alerted is $1.85 on 3/15/23 which is 1 day(s) since the time the alert was posted. Exiting at this price would have resulted in a PNL of -38.33% And the low price for the options after the alert was $0.31 on 3/15/23

Daily Updates since alerted for ENPH Mar-17 220 CallsPrimary    ** Prices are delayed
Day# - DateStock PriceStock RangeOpenLowHighCloseVolOIP/L %
(Day High)
P/L %
(Day Low)
P/L %
Data Last
Updated on
Day 0  -  3/14/23
Alert posted at:$3.00
$213.01$209.21 - $221.49$3.98$1.30$6.05$2.0517641466N/AN/AN/A3/14/2023 3:50:19 PM
Day 1  -  3/15/23
Touched 40% dip since posted ( $3.00 to $1.80 )
Touched 70% dip since posted ( $3.00 to $0.90 )
$205.76$198.69 - $211.97$1.25$0.31
Max Dip
$0.576900-38.33%-89.67%-81.00%3/15/2023 12:00:00 AM
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Verify the data above using your brokerage account for accuracy. The information provided here are delayed and may not be accurate in some cases. The purpose of the above data is to assist you in further research. Day 0 prices points are ignored in caculating the P/L and peformance of the setup.

This is not a trading alert or a recommendation to buy/sell. The alert is posted because we think it is a good setup from a technical analysis perspective. Please review and do your own research before entering. Use the setup alerts as a guidance for futher learning and research. As a recommendation never invest more than 2% of your account balance in any single options trade. Options are very risky. Follow good money management strategy. It takes only a couple of bad trades to wipe out your entire account balance.

Verify the accuracy of the price posted here. Check options volume, open interest and the gap between bid and ask. These are important for liquidity.

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