Past Performance Scan
Pre-Market Movers
Sleek Scans
Please note that the scans are applied only on those alerts triggered by sleekoptions algo. The results are not a trading recommendation. They are just presented to assist in your research and analysis.

Trend Reversal Option Scans
Scan #1: Yesterday Red today Green.
Scan #2: Yesterday Green today Red.
Scan #3: First time Green since alerted.
Scan #4: First time Red since alerted.
DIP Option Scans
Scan #1: Touched 40% dip today
Scan #2: Touched 70% dip today.
Scan #3: Touched 40% dip today. (Never peaked above 30%)
Scan #4: Touched 70% dip today. (Never peaked above 30%)
Option Volume Scans
Scan #1: Options Volume Spike

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